2014 Annual Print Competition

The judge for the Wakefield Camera Club annual print competition was introduced as the better half of a judging team. Three weeks ago the other half judged the annual digital image competition but this evening a packed audience welcomed judge Helen Smith. Helen is a well respected YPU and PAGB lecturer who enjoys judging, photography and sharing her skills and enthusiasm with others.

Helen was clear and constructive with her comments and offered many of the audience helpful tips and snippets as to how she thought the print might be improved these included cropping, lightening or darkening, printing on different paper and ensuring the mount complemented the image.

The applied images were shown for the first session and covered subjects like a stately home, churches, flies, elephants and birds and for her tope three Helen chose Gant Hill Tube Station, Lincoln Cathedral an Pongo Pygmaeus (Bornean Orangutan) by Les Forrester, Ian Waddington and Peter Wells.

After a short break Helen was asked to judge the open section which had many more entries and covered many more subjects.  Some of the open subjects were cars, people. trains, barges, flowers, a model, landscapes and a bridge and for her tope three Helen chose From Russia with Love, Robin Hoods Bay and Daffodil Dance by Les Forrester, David Kershaw and Sally Sallett.

The members enthusiastically thanked Helen for an entertaining and enjoyable evening and congratulated the winners before spending time viewing all the submitted images close up that were on display around the room.


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