2018 Online Results With No Turkeys – Just Trimmings!

Here we are with Christmas coming up with turkey and all the trimmings. However we have an online competition with no turkeys at all. As most of you know there is no online competition in December. The top three of every month, January to November, are put together and scrutinised by someone outside the club. The end result is a fair old mixture in what can only be called on “open” competition with no set subject and this makes judging that bit harder. I’m in Denmark at the moment but thanks to the internet everything is sorted out. Duncan S K Hill MPAGB EFIAP is our esteemed judge this year and despite various hiccups he has now completed his review of all 33 images. His “Christmas message” is below for all to read and the images for all to enjoy.

All the images were difficult to pick from – all worthy in their own right. A wealth of talent you have at your club. All images tell a story the Photographer saw in that fraction of a second when the shutter clicked. To pick one over another is subjective as every image maker knows. Here is my 3 from the short list, good luck to all who submitted a image.
Thought invoking use of props, vibrant colors and clear lighting  all drawing you in, wanting to know who that loved little person in the middle is going to be.
Clear detail, textures, shadows and light. Use of monochrome enhancing the aged look making the subject look as though they had had a life time of making do and mend.
A great twist on the start of spring time. Great use of light, depth of field. Daffodils and yellow synonymous with the start of spring. Love the way the flower heads are looking in all directions searching for the sun.
Thanks again Duncan for your efforts and now everyone wants to know who was the “best of the best”, creme de la creme, etc.etc. Well in third place was Nigel Hazell with “Spring Flowers” and in second place was yours truly Steve Wright with “Make do and Mend” (my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for making her hands look old!). In top place at the top of the Christmas tree was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “Pink or Blue?”. Well done everyone. It’s always fascinating to see what different judges think of the same images.

Why not make a new year resolution to enter the competition every month next year. It’s so easy to do and, as has been seen this year, it’s not always the “big guns” of the club who come top each month. Give it a go.

It just remains for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a successful photographic new year and enjoy the images below.


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