2019 Annual DPI – Applied and Open

2019 Annual DPI – Applied and Open

Monday evening was the judging of the 2019 Annual Applied and Open DPI competition. It is easy to understand what is meant by an Open image as anything goes so long as it is all your own work. But what is an Applied image? It is basically a straight record of the subject. This may be a building, manmade object, or a nature subject. People and/or domestic animals are not normally acceptable. The title of the picture should just describe the building, object or nature subject as accurately as possible. The images should portray the building, object or nature subject as sharp and accurately as possible. You can clean up the image and correct colour balance, contrast, etc, but you must not add anything that was not there, or take out anything that was actually there.

So now we understand the ground rules, the job of judging fell to a most welcome friend of Wakefield Camera Club, Harry Kingman, who had travelled all the way from Kirkbymoorside.

The evening was in two halves, first the Applied images and following a short break the Open images. Harry mentioned that there were a lot of very good images which made his job so much harder and as we went through the images he was able to provide some excellent feedback on each image. There was a good range of images including building, birds, cars, landscapes, insects and the odd mouse.

The range of images for the Open competition was much broader as anything goes and the author is now able to edit, remove and even combine multiple images to create their entry. This Open competition allowed Harry much more freedom to provide feedback on how the image might have been edited to make it a better image or perhaps it had been edited too much.

It was a very interesting evening which finished with a warm round of appreciative applause for Harry. I am sure the excellent feedback received from him will be taken on-board by each author. You can see the winning images in each category in the galleries below.

Annual Applied DPI

Annual Open DPI

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