A street-level view

Here we are at the start of another year and another set of online competitions. Just a quick reminder for those who aren’t familiar with the competition, it is a fun competition which has a different theme each month. Any member can enter (only 1 image allowed) by simply using the upload page on the website which can be found here or by clicking on Online Comp Entry on the main menu of the website. The judge for the first 11 months is someone from inside the club who gives their comments and awards the top 3 places that month. In December all the top three’s are put together and they are all judged by an external judge to get the top 3 of the year. 

Anyway on to this month. The subject was “Street Furniture” and some people have had a bit of fun with that topic. Seats, lamp posts, signs …… they’re all there and from various parts of the world too. You can see how members have interpreted it by looking at the gallery below. The judge this month is Paul Wagstaff so we’ll see just which of the images “tickles his fancy” and I’ll be posting the results in a few days. Why not pick your favourite and then see if you can do better next month when the subject is Trees.

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