A bumper Lights Night

On the night of the 3rd of March John Gardner came along to give the club the benefit of his expertise in studio lighting. He bought three models along this evening and two lighting set-ups so that everyone had plenty of shooting opportunities. The models were spectacularly dressed in goth/steam punk style and provided plenty of opportunities for interesting portraits. One lighting set-up used conventional studio flash and back light fired by a radio trigger. This meant that members used the now usual numbering system to get their time with the models and lights. Whilst that was going on John had set up a new constant light system so that embers could shoot “en mass” – just as you might have seen on the red carpet at the Oscars! It also meant that members had the opportunity to keep shooting whilst waiting for their session with the flash set-up. The result of all this was an evening of great fun, activity and hard work. I wouldn’t like to guess how many images were taken in the evening but I bet it was pretty high. Thanks to John and the models for a really good evening.

Below is the start of a gallery from the evening. If any member would like to send me examples of their images from the evening to the usual email address (wccweb@sgw.me.uk) then I will add them. The gallery will be added to the Lights Nights image galleries.

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