A Celebration – A Year in Photographs

A Celebration  – A Year in Photographs

Charlotte Graham was welcomed by Wakefield Camera Club this week to present ‘A Celebration  – A Year in Photographs’, a year which will see her visit nearly 30 camera clubs. It took only minutes to understand why she is in such huge demand!

The images were fantastic, the stories behind every image enthralling and the passion for her work endless. ‘Charlotte Graham is a professional photographer based in the north of England. Her unique combination of technical and creative photographic talent combined with a desire to create the very best image possible from any scenario makes her in demand with both international press and businesses alike.’

Charlotte related the life of a press photographer, which whilst not all glamour, it seems you do get to meet fantastic people (well, some of the time), with access to events and locations second to none. As Charlotte explained, ‘everyone in the press pen gets the same image, I like to get something different’, this can be seen in many of her hugely creative images.

‘Charlotte’s dynamic style and creative use of ‘off-camera’ strobe lighting has earned her a reputation in the national press as being someone who goes beyond the standard ‘press’ image to create dynamic, eye catching images.’

‘You will see Charlotte’s work published regularly in The Telegraph, The Times and The Observer broadsheets as well as gracing the covers of leading tourism and leisure attractions and entertainment venues.’* By ‘going beyond the standard’ she regularly has between 20 and 30 images a week in the national press and other popular publications.

It was abundantly clear that Charlotte loves Yorkshire and does everything she can to promote ‘God’s own country’ in the press and publication media – ‘Charlotte has a passion for her native Yorkshire and works regularly with businesses to create compelling marketing images that reach out to news editors looking for a photo story as well as across social media channels and print marketing.’*

Her explanation that ‘really anyone can do it’, you just have to get on with it, get out there and take the images, was an inspiration to us all. It helps if you work 16-hours a day and continuously research the next image and always have your camera with you. This can mean driving between 40,000 and 50,000 miles a year, her dedication is evident. The next day she was getting up at 4 to walk the dog, then drive to the west coast for an hours shoot before heading on to her next venue.

Stories about being on the Royal Rota were fascinating including getting into trouble with a Senior Royal and a loaf of bread, and I will not spoil the Van Morrison story here.

Charlotte loves to share her images, stories and her life of a press photographer, to encourage everyone to get out there, get that next image and help to record history in the making.

A huge thank you to Charlotte for such an entertaining and informative evening.