A Fun, Fresh, Clear and Professional evening with Pandora Maund

On Monday evening members were given an insight into the world of Pandora Maund who after 30 years in the corporate world decided to make the brave move to become a freelance photographer.

Working on a woman’s journal, Pandora was offered a trip to Sandberg in South Africa – this was a trip arranged by the Bobby Moore Foundation; so Pandora explained in her evening presentation that she purchased a DSLR camera, a 550D, anticipating the need for photographs;  initially she used the “auto” setting which is always a wise move if you don’t know the individual camera functions! Following her return to the UK, the Foundation asked if they could use her photographs! – great news! Pandora’s first assignment and her photographs were well received.

Buoyed up by this response Pandora entered the world of photography and started working with Chris Thornton, a well respected wedding photographer.  So her interest and knowledge grew quickly with a second trip to SA with the Bobby Moore Foundation, she soon decided to go it alone and she has never looked back. Now self employed she could go her own way; having now got a professional grip on camera functions and photography she mainly uses jpeg images which suit her way of working. This includes folio work, sometimes exchanging places with the model to get a feel for being the subject rather than directing the picture – invaluable experience – this is how you get to know your subject!  

Subsequently she has trained to be a tutor at which she has shown her effectiveness working with some of our club members.  Varied are her subjects in which she can provide workshop projects, especially her love of horses as subjects also other animals, portraits, street subjects, motor sport. A keen trekker she can seek out the most difficult locations even if it means “roughing it” and sleeping without the luxury of tents!  She uses camera controlled remote flash techniques – this type of lighting enables Pandora to be mobile without too much cumbersome lighting.  All very useful as Pandora engages in trekking abroad to pursue interests with animals and / or local inhabitants.

A very interesting and informative evening closed with some memorable shots of Orangutan in it’s natural  rain forest habitat. You can read more about Pandora or contact her via her website at http://www.pandoraimagesphotography.co.uk

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