A Lights Night with Different Lights.

On the evening of Monday 24th June we had the latest of John Gardner’s Lights Night. John is a professional photographer and long-standing member of the club and he regularly gives us the benefit of his wisdom. On this occasion he was accompanied by model Marie. Normally John spends some time explaining about the flash units and accessories such as soft boxes but this time the lights he was using were LED arrays provided by Steve Wood. There are a lot of differences between flash units and LED’s – the flash unit gives a brief but intense light but the LED lights are constant. For the flash units you need a trigger on the camera but here is no flash to trigger so you just shoot as normal. Usually John recommends using manual mode as the only feasible was of shooting with flash but with LED’s you can use automatic modes.

John set the lights up and introduced Marie. We used the numbered cards system as in previous Lights Nights to queue everyone up but with the constant LED lights 2 or 3 could shoot at once which meant much more time and opportunity to get the shot you wanted. Marie was really patient throughout and every member was very pleased. As usual there was plenty of time to compare shots and chat about lenses, cameras etc.

If members would like to email me some images from the night to steve@sgw.me.uk I will create a gallery for the evening. I’m sure many members have some super shots that they would be happy to share.

As usual it made for a very enjoyable evening and our thanks go to John and Marie for giving us an opportunity to try out yet another approach to lighting.

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