A Lights Night Without a Flash!

On the evening of Monday 8th September John Gardner, club member and professional photographer, gave the latest in his series of Lights Nights. John always brings a model with him and demonstrates different lighting techniques using studio flash which can be replicated with flash guns at home or in the studio. Tonight, though, was a bit different as there wasn’t a flash in sight.

JG sml

This time John decided to use hot boxes as a constant source of light so no flash was required. The hot boxes don’t provide as much power as the flashes but positioned at close range they give easily enough for quality shots. John demonstrated the differences between the normal hot boxes with incandescent bulbs and the newer type with an array of LED lights – the difference in colour temperature was clear to see with the LED’s being very close to natural daylight.

John set the lights up for shots that would work well in black and white and¬†Leanne was the model tonight. There was a “free for all” in the best possible way for members to shoot their portraits as a numbering system was not required.

Group shooting sml

Usually with flash only one person is shooting at a time and they have control over the flash system. With constant light there was no need to queue people there was no flash to control so as many photographers as wanted could shoot away simultaneously. At times it was difficult for Leanne to know who to respond to but that was quickly sorted out and everyone had plenty of opportunity to get just the shot they wanted.

Thanks again John for another rewarding evening. A gallery from the evening will be on the website soon.¬†(If you were at the evening and want to send me a couple of your shots to wccweb@sgw.me.uk I’ll try to add them to the gallery. Thanks)

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