Break Out The Drinks – Here Are The January Online Results

The subject for the January online competition was “Drink” and it looked as though one or two entrants had been driven to it when preparing their entries. Maybe as a result of that there weren’t many entries this month. Never mind we had some good, inventive entries for Judith Kershaw to judge and, who knows, she may have had to have a drink or two when judging them. Anyway here are her thoughts.

Thanks for letting me view these images. It proved to be difficult choosing between them, but this is my best shot!!
FIRST     Freshly Ground Coffee   –   A well lit record shot. I could smell the coffee!  
SECOND   Drinks 1   –  Striking lighting on a carefully arranged composition.
THIRD   Drinks 2   –   I hope you left the car keys at home!
HIGHLY COMMENDED    One Too Many   –   A clever idea which left me wondering ‘How did they do that?’.
COMMENDED   A Pair O’ Teef   –   An interesting idea, but I don’t fancy your choice of mixer! Nicely lit.  
Friends Having A Drink together   –   A well spotted candid shot. Having read the title, I would have liked to see both the dog and the ‘friend’ actually drinking.
Black Coffee   –   A simple, but effective, idea.  Perhaps the cup handle could have been turned a few degrees clockwise so that it appears to be exactly on the diagonal, complimenting the background.
Saude   –   ‘Cheers’ to you too!  An interesting glass, but I was struggling to read the writing on it. I presume that, too, is Portuguese!
Brings Life To Everything It Touches   –   I hope that the model enjoyed the drink! I’m unsure about the orange patch on the top lip.

Judith Kershaw – 28.01.2019

Thanks for your judging and your comments Judith. So let’s see who shot which image. Commended with “A Pair O Teef” was Sally Sallett and Highly Commended with “One Two Many” was Robert Bilton. In Third Place with “Drinks 2” was Keth Nunns and in Second Place was “Drinks 1” by Neil Clarke (the numbers 1 and two were added by me as both came in with the same title!). In First Place and deserving of a drink or two was “Freshly Ground Coffee” by Angela Crutchley-Rhodes. Cheers to all of them.
Now the subject for February is “Woodland” so as the days are getting longer there may be the opportunity to get out into woods near and far. If there’s a good frost or some snow it can create the opportunity for some striking images. The lack of leaves at this time of year isn’t necessarily a disadvantage so let’s have your entries and images by the 20th of February.

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