A Presidential Evening with no Trumps!

The President’s Night is an annual event organised by the President of the club and is usually a person or a topic close to the heart of the President. Tonight, President Steve A Wood asked a previous president to move into the spotlight. Sally Sallett ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3 was Steve’s speaker of choice. Sally has been touring around many clubs recently in both presenting and judging roles and this evening she brought her talk “Never Underestimate an Old Woman with a Camera” in one sense back home.
The whole of the talk was about her photography over the years – other photographers call it “their Journey” but as that is a phrase she really dislikes I won’t use it. As soon as you look at her photographic qualifications you can see it has been an eventful time. Sally started with a Brownie 127 back in 1958 and has never had any particular specialisation – just things that interest her. These are the same as many other people – Kids, Cars, Pets, Holidays.
Her camera history was also very similar going from the brownie to full frame via 110, bridge and cropped sensors. Starting to go full circle she has reduced the size and weight of her kit by going to an Olympus OMD E-M5 Mk 2. She joined Wakefield Camera Club several years ago when she had a bridge camera and began to learn how to process her images digitally, initially doing the same as many people (including me) and overdoing the effects. Bravely she showed many of these images which she described as “frightening”.
Sally explained that she was not keen on studio work but does like statues and installations – as they don’t move like sport and animal subjects do! As at every stage of her talk Sally showed images from her collection to illustrate the points she was making so we had plenty of chance to see her skills and her take on photography. There were plenty of statues and continuing the art theme she went on to graffiti artists (not the spray painting of the local youth). Although she had previously said she didn’t like sport she included a section from greyhound racing (having been bribed by a rather large Sunday lunch) and horse racing in Pontefract. Similarly she showed a section on “critters” as she called them – small animals such as mice.
After the break Sally went through some of her other real interests and these showed just how varied her work is – street photography, local life and architecture, ragged Victorians, still life, flowers, fun with filters and Lensbaby lenses. The main thing that comes from all of these subjects is a love of a good image and an aspiration to high quality. The quality of the images projected gave testament to this. It was fitting, therefore that Sally finished her presentation with images which contributed to the qualifications and achievements she has garnered whilst she has been at Wakefield Camera Club.
Throughout the entire evening Sally presented with a self-effacing and laconic style liberally laced with humour and the audience clearly enjoyed the event. At the break and at the end there was ample opportunity to get “up close and personal” with a selection of her prints to see just how good a photographer Sally is. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. Thanks Sally.

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