A Pressing Engagement with The Yorkshire Evening Post

Our guest on Monday evening was Ian Day who had come to the Wakefield Camera Club to talk about the world of Press Photography.

Ian started the evening with his very impressive CV which showed that he has spent many years working in different areas of the newspaper industry including press photographer and picture editor, all leading to his current position as the Deputy Editor of the The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.

The evening was spent looking at images taken by many of the past and current  photographers that Ian has worked with that will at some point have featured in either The Yorkshire Post or the Yorkshire Evening Post. However, the evening was not just a slide show of images, every image had a purpose and a story behind it which Ian told with the obvious enthusiasm he has for photographic journalism.

The majority of their work is news photography but they also provide images for feature articles so every photographer has to be capable of capturing images from a variety of events, often all on the same day.  The photographers are often competing against each other for the best picture, for that cover image and will very rarely be seen without at least one camera round their neck.

Ian explained how they cooperate with the major agency’s at the larger events so as to pool their resources. Up to 40 photographers covered the Tour de Yorkshire, with each photographer having a position to stand that had to be researched in advance so as to not miss the vital shot. For the Tour de Yorkshire many of the photographers had to arrive at their spot early, perhaps the night before, either camping or sleeping in their cars to avoid the chaos caused by the many road closures. This is real dedication.

The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post has to be seen to be a Yorkshire paper and wherever possible the pictures have to say Yorkshire. Ian and his team go to great lengths to build working relationships with everyone in Yorkshire including schools, business, charities, the Police and even the RAF.  Ian’s excellent relationship with the RAF lead to one of the papers photographers being allowed to fly with the Red Arrows to get the most fantastic picture over York Minster. 

Ian also talked about some of the changes that have come about over the years as equipment and technology has developed from being one of the first to send images of the famous Steve Redgrave Gold medal win back to the UK by FTP from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games to today where images have to be out of the camera, edited and back at the newspaper office within minutes of being taken. A picture is no good if it is still in the camera.  It was also interesting to hear that all the images you see in the papers are as they were taken. With the exception of brightness, contrast, levels, cropping and dust removal the images are not ‘photoshopped’, nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

Ian provided the members of Wakefield Camerawomen Club with a thoroughly entertaining and informative evening of excellent photography supported by great story telling. You can follow Ian and the work of The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post at @IanDayPix. 

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