A Shadowy Start to 2016

The first online competition of 2016 had “Shadows” as its subject. Given the time of year with the low sun you might expect a lot of outdoor shots with long shadows. Trouble is this is Wakefield Camera Club so you have to expect the unexpected. Some chose to stay indoors (was it the weather?) whilst others have trawled through images that look to be from summer. It doesn’t matter as it all makes for an interesting collection of images. The judge this month is Paul Wagstaff so he has the unenviable/delightful/critical task of selecting his top three images. As always there will be a few days between now and publishing his decision so that everyone has a chance to see, assess and comment on the entries themselves. Look out for the results when they are published and you can congratulate Paul on making the right choice …….. or not! For those keen to get out and get images for February I can tell you that the theme is “Numbers”.

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