A Surreal Evening at Wakefield Camera Club

On the evening of Monday 6th June, despite the best weather of the year so far, a good attendance came along to see the judging of the 3rd Round of the Clubman Competition. The theme for this round was “Surreal” and Dave Burgess from Pontefract had the challenging job of trying to make sense of the entries in photographic terms. To set the scene he started out by trying to give some “definitions” of surreal with reference to both artists and photographers. Words such as strange, disquieting, unreal were used and some of the definitions seemed to fit some members of the club rather than the images! He started off with his comments on the 14 prints. Dave gave some very full and clear assessments of the prints which had subjects such as elephants hanging from grass, giraffes in the front garden, statues playing rugby, flying telephone boxes, steel-like figures in an alien landscape and desert islands made of fruit. As you can see he had a pretty difficult job to do. In the end though he gave a Commended to “I will get the cork back in” by David Kershaw and Highly Commended to “You say your family’s from Sheffield” by David Jones and “In the house of the Lord” by Nigel Hazell. In third place he picked “Typically Tropical” by Sally Sallett and for second place “It’s a Jungle Out There” again by Sally Sallett. The outright winner, though, was Peter Wells with “Trouble in the Lineout”. Well done to them all.

There were more entries in the digital image section and the images were just as varied with lots of distorted views and composite images including model aeroplanes joining the Red Arrows, a person made of Lego, talking drawings, castles in the air, fantastical creatures and flying lemons.  Each image stretched the imagination and what most people’s definition of photography. David again gave good comments to every image and explaining why he gave it the score he did. In the end though he had to make decisions and he gave Commended to “Castles in the Air” by Trevor Bottomley and Highly Commended to “Dad said to try New Things” by David Jones and “Distorted View of St. Paul’s Cathedral” by David Carr. In third place he put “Help Me” by Sally Sallett, in second place “Succumbing” by Steve A Wood and, pick of the crop, in first place “The Spinnaker Blasts Off” by Trevor Bottomley. Congratulation to all but especially to Trevor as I understand he has often been placed in the competitions but has never won ……… until now.

For all those that entered it was a great experiment in pushing the boundaries of their photographic and processing skills and everyone enjoyed it.

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