A Tale of Two Parks (and Two Presentations!)

The evening of Monday 24th July saw a presentation by Christine Hodgson called “A Tale of Two Parks – or Home and Away”. This presented some very recent work by Chris as it covered only May and June of this year and the two parks in question were Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a park in Spain near Ronda and it was the first time Chris had presented these images.

The first part of the talk was on Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Chris went through her process of viewing – first of all looking at the whole object and then finding sections of the sculpture which produced arresting images. For her it was not simply about one shot to record the sculpture but looking to see if there was something else in there. She looks for shapes and structures, some of which would be quite abstract. A series of sculptures were given the treatment and it was fascinating to see what else could be found in seemingly familiar sculptures. Chris gave an enthusiastic commentary to the presentation so it was unfortunate that some technical problems with her presentation caused a premature end. However she had Plan B.

After a pause to try and rectify the problems, Chris gave a fascinating insight into her work producing composite images. She felt this work was always somewhat wacky but completely “her”. She started by just playing with backgrounds and them moved onto full composite images. Chris tended to use actual objects rather than creating things in Photoshop and showed how she used blending techniques very effectively to create the images e.g. eyes in a rock face. She confirmed that that she took a lot of inspiration from surrealist artists such as Magritte and this came out in her work,

Despite the technical issues there was plenty to admire and think about from an entertaining evening.


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