A Taste for Surrealism

The meeting on Monday 18th May saw a presentation by Christine Hodgson she entitled “A Taste for Surrealism”. In the first half she said she would concentrate on seeing the world in a different light, whether through a different angle, a different height or through a different perspective (such as through a distorting mirror). Chris likes to keep her compositions simple and cropped tightly, but by doing so creating something different. She started by simple things such as a small snow drift shot close and low down, creating the impression of large drifts with sinuous curves. In many images she showed a liking for strong visual triangles. Some of the images became almost abstract, just leaving colour, texture and impressionistic shapes. Rarely did an image show a complete “subject” as Chris concentrated on the details. She claims she goes through phases with her photography but these seemed more like themes where a collection of shots explores a particular style, subject or technique. As she went along she explained in general terms how the images had been achieved. A large number had been created with everyday objects found in the home, so they should have given the audience ideas for projects over the next few weeks.

In the second half Chris showed images created by combining images into a composite. In each she explained what the various elements were and how they were combined and gave tips for anyone attempting the same technique. Although not going through all the various stages in Photoshop she indicated how the images could be created making a convincing composite image. An interesting and thought-provoking evening which moved well away from standard images and showed photography as a creative and imaginative art form.

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