A Welcome Return For Richard Egan

The evening of 9th October saw a large audience provide a very welcome return to the club for Richard Egan. Richard has been a photographer for 35 years and has photographed most things although he finds nature one of the hardest areas. He doesn’t do much at all in Photoshop which could give encouragement to many if it wasn’t for the fact that his images were so good in the first place! This evening’s presentation was a look back over the last 3 years of his work, plus he’d brought along his successful Fellowship panel of prints for the Royal Photographic society to “compare and contrast” with the current work. In that 3 years he has only used about 10 models, with some obviously becoming firm favourites. In all he said he had 180 images to display during the evening which worked out at about 2 per minute!

He started the presentation with a set of black and white male nude images of body builders which for the most part used directional lighting to emphasise the muscle tone. Quickly, though, he moved onto his female nude images for which he is renowned. Most of these were shot in old buildings using natural light, the large windows in such buildings helping greatly. Mostly the images were of full bodies set in the context of the rooms or buildings where the positioning of the model against the rooms and furniture emphasised the shapes the models created. Often there was a juxtaposition between the lines of the windows or the textures of the buildings and the curves and smoothness of the models.

At times deceptively simple, the excellence was there to be seen in all the work. There were lots of monochrome images that were of the highest standard and the audience was spellbound by the photography. It wasn’t a silent evening though, as Richard accompanied the images with humour and forthright opinions and a multitude of anecdotes. The delivery was very amusing but managed to also explain how the shots were achieved and worked on. He also managed to answer the many questions raised by the audience. This truly was an evening where everyone was impressed and possibly inspired to do more – and to enjoy the process as well as the results.

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