Abacaxi Adventure & Is it Art, or is it Abstract?

Sally Sallett  – Abacaxi Adventure
Sally told the tale of a 3 week cruise on the NB Abacaxi, from Huddlesford on the Coventry canal to Stanley Ferry, Wakefield, via Manchester & the Rochdale canal. Covering 185 miles, 174 locks & battling a severe water shortage & a surfeit of hostelries!  A thoroughly enjoyable story of excitement and adventure.

Gnosall BoatLiftBrambleMooring
Malcolm Dobson – Is it Art, or is it Abstract?
This is a debatable subject and Malcolm presented images and discussion which provoked ideas to review our thinking on subjects we generally tend to ignore! From the many beautiful pictures we view as Classic art, in galleries and libraries, to  the more obscure  images and concepts which hide behind the banner of “avant-garde”.
Whilst artists traditionally provided the only images to recall people and events in a “pictorial” and recognisable manner the process took a long time and much discipline – that all cost time and money! In due course the camera took over and now such images can be achieved in a short time and cheaper. So the artist looks for new ideas and the concepts of abstract,and cubism; for example are just two. There are many “isms” to define the various” off the wall” concepts and the whole art scene became confused and generally used the term Abstract for anything that did not resemble the norm!
However, nothing is new and in the 15th century we had surrealism and later impressionism – in the ’70s these descriptions came under the avant-garde banner – as not so well informed art critics wanted us to believe! – (ahead of the others? I don’t think so!!).  Hence the confusion and now anybody seems to be able to do the most silly things with a few bricks, bits of string and wire etc. hoping we’ll be all taken in when it is labelled “ART”!!!
NOT EVERYTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS – was the message for this evening, remembering that art is what you the viewer wants it to be – attention grabbing!
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