All Settled

All Settled
Battling the weather by Ray Bramhall (Doncaster)

Four clubs representing the four Ridings of Yorkshire battled it out on Monday at Brookhouse for the Settle Trophy. Each club entered 8 prints and 8 DPIs. Brian Crossland, a well respected YPU judge, had the task of scoring the images from the competitors; Doncaster, Pocklington, Selby and hosts, Wakefield.

Judging started with the prints and Doncaster held a small advantage at the end of the opening round, from the hosts. It was all to play for then, with the DPIs. This was when one club, really began to stretch its legs. Meanwhile, Selby and Pocklington, showed great form too, by narrowing the gap to second place. With the final 32 images judged, it was Doncaster who cruised home in first place, with Wakefield narrowly taking second place from Selby and Pocklington hard on their heals.

Although Doncaster, retained the trophy for another year, there can be no doubt, that considering the terrific quality of the images, the three beaten clubs will be back next year seeking revenge. Thank you to the visitors for helping to provide an entertaining evening.

In the image gallery below, there are a selection of the highest scoring images from each club.

Flossie by Steven Dormer (Doncaster)

Meadow Pipit by Michael Gibbons (Doncaster)

P38 Lightning by Steven Ruddock (Pocklington)
Novice Monks in Myanmar by Graham Vulliamy (Pocklington}
Asian Elephant Family by Neville Turton (Selby)

Natasha by Richard Poskitt (Selby)

A Wee Dram by Neil Carter (Wakefield)
Stonechat by Neil Scarlett (Wakefield)