An Audio Visual Entertainment

The meeting on the 9th February saw an evening of Audio Visual (AV) treats given by Eddie Spence FRPS, DPAGB.¬†Eddie used to sit on the RPS AV Distinctions Panel for a number of years and was Secretary for the RPS AV Group and President of the Leeds Audio Visual Group for many years. With Gold medals gained from International competitions, Eddie was just the man to show our Camera Club just what AV expertise is meant to be. Eddie started with a brief introduction to the AV concept. He told a good-sized audience that the most important factor (and the main purpose of AV) was “to tell a story”. It wasn’t about having the best images, music or commentary. Without a clear idea of the purpose of the presentation it wasn’t going to work. Many people use their existing images but this can only go so far and it soon becomes necessary to go out and capture images with the¬†intention of making a particular AV presentation. He then showed his fits AV sequence on the Scottish Highlands to illustrate his points. Despite what Eddie said it was clear that some of his images would be very successful on their own in competitions. At the end of the presentation Eddie explained how he had adjusted the images to fir together as a presentation. and identified good practice and techniques. Although most club members used ProShow Gold as their software of choice for AV, Eddie was a firm advocate of Pictures to Exe. In his second presentation about Isadora Duncan Eddie showed that an AV presentation can contain images sourced from elsewhere up to 25% of the total images. Eddie also showed how some video can be used in the presentation and explained how he combined this with still images to create the composite image he wanted.

With this mixture of presentation and instruction the members were taken on a tour of Cardiff, Wharfedale, Barcelona Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Santorini. Subjects included the artist Salvador Dali, the Spanish architect Gaudi, the sculptor Jaume Plensa and interpretations of music and mathematical formulae (fractals). A very varied and entertaining evening. Eddie left the members with an invitation to the RPS AV day being held at Trinity College,Leeds on April 12th, where lots of guidance and help would be on hand.

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