An Audio Visual Evening Both Full And Varied

The evening of Monday 4th November saw an audio visual extravaganza in the first half followed by a social with food.

The A/V show was not a competition but a showcase for members to present some projects they have been working on. That being the case the presentations were very varied in both nature and length. First up was Nigel Hazel with a presentation on creating an A/V production just using Adobe Lightroom which many members already have. He had brought images from a wedding shoot he did with the aim of creating a slideshow with accompanying music. Nigel took us through the process step by step showing the options and giving tips (such as have all your images in the correct order before beginning!). He went through the same process at home in the afternoon and it only took him half an hour, which is pretty good going given the quality of the result. It certainly should have given members confidence about doing their own A/V show.

Then there was a fine procession of A/V productions from members on a wide variety of subjects using various software packages. David Kershaw produced a cartoon using images of the committee created in software he’d never seen before producing this show. Next up Trevor Bottomley took us on a tour of Devon and Cornwall. Other members produced works on Whitby Goth Weekend, fireworks at a lake, Stonehenge, Bruce Springsteen’s Moonlight Hotel and Squeeze’s Up The Junction. As you can see there were huge differences in subjects and treatments. The one thing they all shared, though, was the attention of the audience. Whether it was humorous or not, colour or black and white they were all interesting and enjoyed by everyone there.

There was an extended break in the middle of the presentations with a buffet so the meeting became a social, giving an opportunity for a good natter and to talk to some of the new members and visitors. All in all it was a varied and fascinating evening. Get your A/V’s ready for next year’s extravaganza.