An evening of BIG prints!

On Monday 19th May Howard Tate (President of the Yorkshire Photographic Union) treated the club to an evening with real impact. His theme for the talk was BIG prints and he certainly delivered that. Howard had brought several very large boxes of prints and treated the large audience to a rapidly changing view of his impressive A2 sized prints. There was a wide range of subjects and these covered visits to Slovakia, Thailand, Vietnam, Arizona, Hong Kong and Dubai. The Arizona and Dubai pictures were particularly strong and clearly showed his affinity with dramatic arid landscapes.

In the second half of the evening the prints became even BIGGER! The size increased to A1 so no-one had any problem at all seeing from the back of the room. Howard showed some of his experiments with tone mapping and his project on trees, mainly in the desert in Dubai but also as close to home as Malham. He concluded a fascinating evening with his “Linear Landscapes”. These were very large panoramas, but not as we normally know them. They displayed no distortions creating an almost unique view. He explained that it took a lot of planning, patience, and mathematics. No wonder it was his final project for his MA. Some of his images can be seen here.

An enjoyable and informative evening.

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