An evening of Creative Conciousness

On Monday evening 1st September the club was treated to an evening’s presentation by Diane Owen FRPS, and what a treat it was. Diane brought along wonderful array of her artistic prints for everyone to have a good look at. Unusually the prints were both passed around during the talk as well as being displayed for viewing at the interval. This gave everyone the opportunity to examine her work at very close quarters. The first half started with “People” and it quickly became very clear that Diane possessed a special talent at interpreting images. All of them had a distinctly “arty” feel with liberal use of brush stroke effects and the use of art printing paper. She creates all her own brush actions and sometimes creates whole backgrounds from these brush effects. All of the images were very atmospheric. Diane used practical examples to show that some images will work better in black and white rather than colour, and advocates always trying a mono conversion with every image just to see if it can improve it. As the evening progressed members saw how she used parts of an image in unexpected ways e.g. cracks in plaster became the branches of trees very effectively.

The second half started with range of triptychs – sets of images shown together where images flowed from one to the next. This covered landscapes with common features, similarly toned images and sets of images that told a story from start to finish. It was fascinating hearing the story behind each print and her creativity was remarkable – backgrounds created from torn up prints and paper was just one example. Diane said that “If someone gave me a piece of paper she would soon start folding it up into a shape” and this restless desire to create something different and uniquely hers was clearly demonstrated in her work. There were lots of questions at the end which were all very well answered, showing that the audience had become really involved with both Diane’s work and her methods. A wonderful evening.

You can see examples of her work here on her website.

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