An evening of great images and good humour

On the evening of Monday 9th March a large attendance were treated to a presentation of a constant stream of fascinating images accompanied by a witty and perceptive talk by Leigh Preston. Leigh titled his talk “Is that it? ” – a phrase from one of his images – which sounds quite negative but his presentation was anything but. He said the pictures were “from all walks of life and a general look at the absurd ” and they certainly were. In the first half Leigh’s images covered the Olympics, athletics, musicians, almost every area of the country and a wide range of observational photography. Many of the images were monochrome and very effective because of that. All through Leigh peppered his talk with interesting observations on photography and a liberal dose of humour.

In the second half Leigh said he wanted to be a bit more serious and showed images from his latest project based on events of the last 100 years. He has identified various events over that time period and taken photographs which he feels relate to or say something about them. These were thought provoking images recalling momentous, tragic, human or simply memorable moments. As a whole it presented a fascinating trip through a century. He rounded of the evening with some of his landscapes, particularly Scotland and finally an entertaining roundup of some of the extraordinary characters he met at the Edinburgh Fringe. All in all a very varied and entertaining eveing. Leigh is due to retire soon and will be able to spend more time bagging Munroes along with capturing more of his excellent images. I’m sure we will have him back again to see what’s new. For now thougyh, if you want to see more of his images you can see them on his website by clicking here.

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