An evening of images AND audio

The evening of Monday 13th of June saw a lively presentation on audio visual techniques by Tony Collinson who is the president of the Leeds AV Group. Audio visual is sometimes seen as a minority interest within the photography world, but it is a fascinating and rewarding extension of the art. As its name implies it is a combination of images and sound but, as with other aspects of life, it’s never that simple. You can’t just put any images with any music – there should be a clear linkage and a clear narrative to the show. Tony was asked whether the story or the images or the  music came first.  His answer was …. it depends! To start with it may well be the images but eventually the story will be the main thing.

Tony showed a couple of presentations to illustrate his points and then one he had made to promote our club, just using images from our website. It was very effective and showed just how AV can be used to get a message across far better than just text and/or images. Tony uses the “Pictures to Exe” software which is relatively low cost but is used by 95% of the AV community across the world, and the next part of the evening showed the appreciative audience just how simple it was to use. He also gave an overview of his workflow methods. After that came a quick tour of the equipment and tips for producing soundtracks. It was all very practical and very enthusiastically presented and it was clear that many members present were motivated to give it a go.

In the second half Tony showed the audience some of his high quality presentations. The subjects were very varied and included Castle Howard,  Star Trek, the village of Eyam, the Scilly Isles and bird watching. One fascinating presentation was from a Leeds AV Group competition where every member was given the same set of images and their task was to create an original presentation from them. Tony’s was excellent and showed how creative he could be in terms of storytelling. A wonderful evening.


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