An evening on the Falkland Islands

The meeting on the 29th February saw some very professional A/V presentations from Colin Balls on his visit to the Falkland Islands. He was with us a couple of years ago with Rhona Balls and their A/Vs in were absolutely brilliant so everyone was looking forward to this evening. He was to have been supported by Rhona who accompanied him on the trip to the Falkland Islands but unfotunately she was unable to travel.

Colin Balls’ travelogue this time mainly took the form of a technically high quality HD video of the long journey to and around the Falkland Islands, with many images of the rare birdlife and wildlife and showing the lifestyles of the Falklanders in these tough, extremely windy and remote areas of the southern hemisphere.  And the elephant seals were as somnambulant as were the Rockhopper penguins delightful, nesting at the tops of sheer cliffs and happy to actively hop up and down them every day so that they could fish in the violent seas!

Although the presentation was in an Audio Visual format, it contained some very classy still shots of the birds and other wildlife particularly in the second half. It was an evening that took us well away from the comfort of our surroundings at home and gave a taste of a very different environment.

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