An evening out with the birds is a hoot!

The evening of Monday 17th September saw about 25 members of the club going out to the Thorneycroft Centre in Pontefract for an evening of photographing birds of prey with Kira from KL Falconry. Kira had chosen this location as there was plenty of room to fly the birds, there would be less wind and distractions and some better backgrounds for the images. Fortunately the weather was again kind for this time of year – actual sunshine! Kira had brought with her some owls and a Harris Hawk. The birds looked wonderful and they behaved themselves as Kira placed them on a perch for our “work” to begin.

There was a constant sound of shutters being fired but the birds weren’t disturbed at all. 

There was lots of friendly jockeying for position and fun was had by all. I hate to think how many shots were taken during the evening but probably a few thousand! Kira managed to have one or two of them to fly a short distance for us to get some action shots (mine were mostly of grass!). 


The Little Owl was one of the stars as it ran around on the floor taking an intense interest in my camera, getting very close – indeed too close to be able to focus. Kira was spot on with the location as the birds seemed much calmer on this occasion and it was far easier to get a shot without distracting buildings and fences. Overall a really good evening with convivial company, lots of help on hand and magnificent birds. Thanks Kira. Afterwards some of us adjourned to the Carlton Arms for liquid refreshment and to compare notes and stories. Below is a gallery of just a few of the shots which have been sent in. 

If anyone wants to send me some more to I will add them to the gallery so keep coming back for a look.




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