An Evening with John

Members gathered around their screens to spend the evening with John Gardener, a long standing member and Professional Photographer.

For the first half of the evening John shared his Lockdown Images. John is a keen gardener and has captured some delightful images of the shrubs and flowers but if you look closer John had managed to find many bugs, beetles and butterflies. I am sure many were inspired to get up early to see what that can find.

After a short break John shared his latest Photoshop editing tips using some of the latest Photoshop developments in Adobe Sensei AI and Machine Learning to quickly select a subject then he replaces the background (often using tools from Imageonic) and applies a masked curves layer for some final dodging and burning.

This was a fascinating evening that was over far too quickly. For those that want to learn more about John, his photography and editing techniques, he can be contacted via his website.