An Evening with Mark Mullen

There was a large audience for the Mark’s visit and they weren’t left disappointed after an evening of interesting and informative talk supplementing some great images. Mark is a landscape photographer based in York and Scarborough. His interest in landscape photography takes him all over the country although of course a large proportion of his work is around the hills, moors and coastline of his home in North Yorkshire. He tries to capture the feel of a location whether it be rugged hills and mountains or tranquil plains and flatlands. His father was a professional photographer and bought him a manual film SLR when he was young. Mark then went to do work experience with a professional photographer but it was still in the days of film and Mark admits that he did not have the patience for that medium. He left photography and pursued a different career which included selling Porsche cars.

However as capable digital cameras began to come onto the market he was tempted back and hasn’t stopped since. He uses mainly Canon kit but also medium format Mamiya and large format Linoff cameras – when he has the time to set them up! Mark’s talk explained his approach to landscape photography and each wonderful landscape image was accompanied by a fulsome explanation of how he obtained the shot and some of the difficulties on the way. His commentary was always informative and humorous and the audience was kept fully engaged with his story. He showed a wide range of subjects including snow, sun, moonlight, lightning, stars – all as part of the landscapes he was portraying. He also had a few shots from that most up-to-date source – drone photography. Mark explained that he did a lot of planning prior to going on shoots so that he can get maximum use of the time that he is actually out. Sometimes the shoot has to shoehorned between other activities so the planning comes in really useful.

After Mark’s talk there were lots of questions from the audience that Mark dealt with comprehensively. His views and comments were always based on experience and were very practical. They gave the audience some food for thought and the Q&A session rounded off a splendid evening.

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