An Exercise in Photographic Abstraction

The subject for the May online was “Abstracts” and that had plenty of people scratching their heads. How abstract can it be? A pure white image is definitely abstract but what skill would it show (controlled overexposure!)? Plenty of my shots can be viewed as abstracts with people saying “What on earth is that?”, but that wasn’t the intention! Well a goodly number had a go and I must say I am impressed with the skill and the imagination shown. I don’t envy this month’s judge, Sarah Cremer, as she tries to pick out the winners but that’s her job and in about a week’s time we will find out what she made of it all. In the meantime have a look at the images in the gallery below and wonder at the creative minds we have. Next month the subject is “Sunsets” and as I write this the sun is actually setting and you can actually see it. Get out there with your cameras and put an entry in.

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