Annual Dinner and Awards 2018

The evening of Monday 17th December saw this year’s Annual Dinner take place at Brookhouse Club. The room was full with everyone looking their best and ready for the Christmas meal laid on by the staff of Brookhouse. There was lots of chatter and laughter as the evening progressed and everyone enjoyed a plentiful supply of festive food and drink. 

At the end of the meal, Steve our President called everyone to order for the presentation of the awards. These awards are for success in the annual competitions and the top cumulative scorers in the Clubman Competition. The new trophies were looking splendid and it was great to see new faces taking top prizes. Each winner was applauded when being presented. Here are the winners and below is a gallery of the photos taken of the prize giving.

2018 Trophy Winners

1stClubman of the Year – Jane Lazenby

2ndClubman of the Year – Peter Wells

3rdClubman of the Year – Nigel Hazell

Print Worker of the Year – Jane Lazenby

DPI Worker of the Year – Jane Lazenby & Peter Wells

Annual Open Print – Jane Lazenby

Annual Applied Print – Michelle Howell

Annual Open DPI – Jane Lazenby

Annual Applied DPI – Paul Wagstaff

Triptych Print – Nigel Hazell

Triptych DPI – Nigel Hazell

Maurice Biglin Print – David Kershaw

Maurice Biglin DPI – David Kershaw

David Lockton Challenge – Stephen Paver

On-Line Image of the Year – Angela Crutchley-Rhodes

Well that’s the end of another very successful year for the club and we all look forward to a full and interesting programme for 2019, lots of competition entries, hopefully some more RPS and PAGB awards and some fun along the way. I hope that 2019 will bring you the shots you always long to get.

Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year from Everyone at Wakefield Camera Club.


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