April On-Line Results In

I’ve left plenty of time for everyone to make up their own minds about who should win the April on-line competition. Lyndsay was judging and she arrived at her results pretty quickly, but I thought I’d prolong the suspense a bit. Anyway here are Lyndsay’s words of wisdom.

A big thank you to everyone that took the ‘time’ to enter this month. They were all fantastic images and you could tell a lot of thought had been given. You can see that there was a lot of time and effort put in to each image. If you weren’t in the top spots you are all highly commended! Great effort by everyone! It’s never an easy job to pick a winner but here goes.

In first place ‘Saving Time’ – Great image. It is a good idea and has been composed well. Being in black and white gives it (I think) more of an impact and it was my favourite from the beginning.  The depth of field gives its something extra too. I like the vignette boarder and the slight blurring effect around the edges. It’s got the ‘taken on an iPhone’ look about it, which I really like.

Quite simply, I love it! Well done!

Second place ‘A Stitch in Time’ – Good idea! I love the contrast between the vibrant colours of the thread against the grey floor boards. Good composition and very well done. The bobbins are all in focus which makes it detailed and sharp picture. It was very close call, an almost 1st!! Well done!

In third place ‘Fibonacci Time’ – Brilliant idea. I love the spiral effect of the watch/clock. It’s an image that you remember and it really draws your eye, you have to really study it to see what’s going on.  Very cleaver image. Clear, simple… effective and I appreciate the work done in Photoshop. Well done!

 Well there we have it. Congratulations to Sarah and Peter Bindon (a real family affair) and Sally Sallett. You can view the gallery with the winners and all the entries here.

Don’t forget May’s subject – Still Life

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