April online turns to “Wheels”

The subject for the April Online Competition was “Wheels” and it certainly got many people in a spin. There were plenty of entries, some coming from the BMW visit last month and others from subjects as diverse as Wharhol and wind vanes. Whatever the subject it makes up an interesting collection of images as you can see if you look at the gallery below. The judge for this month is Sally Sallett which is quite appropriate as one of her favourite modes of transport is her narrowboat – no wheels required! Have a look at the gallery and see if you can predict the top 3. Next month is going to be interesting as the subject is “Abstract“. I’m sure some people will be scratching their heads wondering what to do but at least I’m OK in that many of my images are abstract – didn’t intend them to be abstract but ……. Put your thinking caps on and have a go.

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