Auction night – going, going, gone!

A well attended night saw an amazing variety of items put up for sale with most of them sold. There were photographic items ranging from the almost new to the really rather old (well almost stone-age). Perfect specimens of film SLR’s rubbed shoulders with digital compacts, and it seemed as though there were books on every version of Photoshop. The highlight was David Kershaw’s D300 which went for a bargain £200. At the other end of the spectrum individual dvd’s were sold for 10p – an historic object (a slide projector I think although it was difficult to tell) even went for 1p. Some people came with nothing and went home with a complete photographic set up; camera, tripod, books, software, camera bag etc. One person even sold the bike they came on (and needed a lift home with all the things they’d bought). David Kershaw was our very able auctioneers who tried to ensure everybody went home with something – whether they wanted it or not. A very good night out with plenty of interest and plenty to laugh at.

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