August was in Monochrome

August was in Monochrome

Sara Cremer said “This months judging has been very difficult”. There are some great images in there and I’m not just saying this but it has been very hard to choose between them. I have had to get really really picky to select the winner. Well done to you all and even if you didn’t get a top spot then don’t be disappointed as there were some crackers in there and i have really enjoyed seeing what you entered. Those that know me well know that i enjoy a good black and white image!

In first place we have Fireworks Over the Pierhead – Steve Womack. Although this is a well photographed location it’s not often that you see it in the dark. The highlights have been well handled in the fireworks and there is detail in the blacks. When you look at it closely you can see all the people watching but it does not take away from the image in any way. The image has depth and when you look at it you feel that you were there.

In second place we have Service Please- Nigel Hazell. The photographer has taken time to notice and study what the light is doing and then been creative in working these lines to make an image that would be overlooked by so many. It really fits the theme and has been well seen.

In third place we have Trinity Bridge, Manchester – Trevor Bottomley. This is a string image all about shape and lines. It works well in black and white.

Brockadale – Neil Scarlett. This was a pleasing image, a good strong black and white. For me it was just the bright foreground that meant it didn’t quite get the top slot.

Lone Swimmer – Ian McMillen. What a brave wonderer into the waves. I really struggled with this on a personal level because i know first-hand you get what your given with the light you get however as much as it pains me to say this, it’s a lovely image that’s just lacking with a bit of light and i keep getting drawn to the rocks rather than the lone swimmer.

The Hepworth – Robert Bilton. I struggled with this again. It’s a strong image and i think that a lot of time and effort has gone into it. For me the highlight’s just need lifting a bit and maybe the darks darkening a little to give the image a bit more punch.

Window Dancer – Mark Slater. I loved this image, there were just a couple of distractions in the background that stopped it getting a top spot.

Bridge Over the Dove – David Kershaw. Something nice and different, my eyes kept drawn to ducky, who was slightly too solarized for me!!

Duo – Peter Wells. As with a few other images I kept going back to this one. The model looks so angry! Then I though she was angry that I didn’t pick her, so I went back and looked again!! However, because I had to get picky to choose winners, this one came down to the blown highlight at the side of his nose, once id noticed it I kept getting draw back to it.

Knaresborough (Infra-red) – Daniel Jeffery. This was nearly in the top spots for me. The only think I kept really looking at was the bridge that appeared a bit soft.

St Mark’s 1970 August Online 2021 390 – Chris New. This was an interesting image and gave me a lot to look at. It was just a little busy for me and the spire just clipped the top of the photograph.

Victorian Alleyway – Angela Crutchley-Rhodes. This was another that almost made it. It was a little bit tight in the frame, although I appreciate it can’t be helped. My eye kept getting drawn to the dark left – hand side if the frame.

Apple Blossom (infrared) – Neil Clarke. This was a lovely strong black and white image. I once had a judge that marked one of my images down because the dark sky didn’t look natural but for me I really like this look. When I looked at this closely was the distortion in the bottom tree/foreground and the fact that it blended into the background that stopped it getting a top spot today.

Helping Hand – John Upson. This was a lovely strong image it nearly got a top spot – her foot just falls off in the frame.

Dunstanburgh Castle – Neil Carter. Beautiful landscape image, great mood and different treatment – It just looked a little over sharpened.

Deceptive – Sally Sallett. This was great and did have me looking more than once. I think this is really good for getting you thinking and I liked the challenge for my mind! The only thing for me was the softness of the two left rocks and one on top, I think it’s worth having another play with that one.

This means that Steve is the judge for the next Round – Reflections closing on 20th September.