Barry Payling – Pure Photography

On Monday evening Barry entertained Wakefield Camera Club with an excellent mix of humour, life experiences and a fantastic range of pure images projected from 2¼” square slides.

Each Barry Payling photograph is a true rendition of the scene. The image is exactly as it was seen through the camera lens. There will have been no manipulation whatsoever, either by analogue or digital means. In any print there has been no lightening or darkening (dodging or burning).

In both the taking of the image and in the printing of it, no filters have been used on the camera or in production of a print. The cameras used are purely mechanical. They do not have either autofocus or zoom lenses and amazingly no light meter has been used – exposure being based solely on experience.

After the introduction Barry entered from the wings and opened the evening with a couple of jokes before we were taken on a journey from earthquake torn Rawmarsh, the rubbish tips of Rotherham to the beautiful landscapes of Northern Scotland via the Appleby Horse Fair.  Many of the images were taken in and around South Yorkshire and just go to show that you really do not need to travel far to capture your images.

Barry enjoys taking photographers of all ages and experiences on local photographic days out or week-long treks to Scotland to stay in his favourite bed & breakfast from where many of the excellent images were taken.  At the end of the evening many from Wakefield Camera Club were heard to be planning their first trip away.

An entertaining and inspirational evening was had by all.

Further details of Barry, his image gallery and details of his trips can be found here.

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