Beginners Workshop – Week 1

On Monday evening 4th August there was a packed room at Brookhouse for the first of Ken Fisher’s Beginners’ Workshops. Over half the people there were attending for the first time and the most common reasons for coming were “to take better pictures” and ” to be able to use my camera better”. Ken provided a very gentle introduction to what photography is all about in the first half of the session to provided a base for understanding and applying the rest of the talk. In the second half he progressed to talk about light, its relationship with objects and how this affects the photographs produced. He used lots of examples including videos to help illustrate the points. One of the main aims for this session was to make everyone actually look at what they wanted to take photographs of and to see what the light does to it. As usual Ken set some simple tasks for everyone to have a go at based upon the evening’s talk.

Everyone seemed to follow and enjoy the talk and we look forward to next week when Ken will look at the camera, its controls and how to use them to capture the image you want.

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