Beginners Workshops, Week 2

It was great to see so many people returning for week 2 of the Ken Fisher Beginners Workshops.

Building on last weeks excellent introduction Ken covered the subjects of White Balance, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter and ISO.

White Balance is important to a photographer because whilst your camera does its best using the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting to compensate for all the different coloured lights there is no substitute for understand the different light and making the correct adjustments in your camera. There are different coloured lights in the house under the tungsten or LED bulbs, fluorescent tubes will be a different colour again as will daylight in the sun, the shade and the golden hour. Ken encouraged the attendees to take a picture of the same object using different White Balance settings to see the differences. Ken showed this excellent video from Mike Browne to further explain White Balance

Next Ken moved on to Exposure which is controlled by the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and the dreaded f-stop. A photographer needs to have a good understanding of these camera settings and the effect they will have on your images, this will allow you to move from automatic mode to the more creative modes on your camera.

  • Aperture, the Aperture controls the amount of light allowed into the camera and the depth of field of the image,
  • Shutter, the Shutter controls the amount of time the light coming through the Aperture is allowed to hit the camera sensor or film,
  • ISO, the ISO controls the sensitivity of the camera sensor of film to light.

It you want to learn a lot more about the subjects in this weeks workshop there is plenty of further reading available on the internet, here are a few links to get you started.

  • LiveLink Training – this is Ken’s website, I’d recommend subscribing,
  • Ken’s Youtube Channel – again subscription is highly recommended,
  • Another favourite of mine is Phlearn where there is an excellent blog on the f-stop amongst a host of other using tutorials.

Don’t miss next week as Ken will be covering the important subject of Composition, if you want a head start try this search.

If you have any questions about these workshops or any aspect of the Wakefield Camera Club please use this contact form, see you next week.

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