Best of the Best of the Year

Best of the Best of the Year

The December online competition is judged from the thirty three images that were the top three images in the first eleven months of the year. The judge this year was Les Forrester.

Comments and Results

The club and its members presented me with a wide variation of images to view, After viewing all the them several times It was a difficult choice to narrow these down. Eventually I reduced them to just ten images. After several more viewings the final seven were chosen, it was a tough choice but final placings are;

First Place

Kestrel – Just a wonderful image that I think works ever so well. I love the composition, everything is sharp where it needs to be, I found it hard to find fault. Every time I looked at this images it alway stood out, congratulations.

Second Place

Nothing Stirred – The colours and the symmetry work superbly well even tough there is a chair or two out of place, but that makes it even more appealing. It’s all about those repeated circles intermittently broken up by the chairs, classy image.

Third Place

Self Portrait – portraits and monochrome are a good combination, I like the composition and the negative space works for me, love the lighting and its well presented.

Highly Commended

Hickory Dickory Dock – The square format of the image works well as does having the main subject central, your eye is drawn straight to the subject but overall the image is a little on the dark side

University of Huddersfield – Another that caught my eye, the image is about the lines and shapes of the building which the photographer has captured well but the tree breaks the symmetry unfortunately plus mono may have lifted it a little more.


Down and Down – firstly you’ll all know I like a good architectural image, this one I like but it didn’t get higher in the placing as I wanted to see the symmetry down the centre of the stairway, the railing going to of the image bothered me as well but still a well seen shot with the figure.

Roof Garden – This was one of those images that some may not give a second look at. For me the vision of the photographer is excellent, an opportunity for good diagonals, interesting textures both with the tiles and growth of various plant life. Unfortunately the harsh sunlight has not done the image any favours.