Blue – The Results

Steve Womack our judge for this months online competition has completed his judging.
Well I have studied the runners for this months ‘on-line’ competition ‘Blue’ and after quickly looking outside to see if the moon had in fact turned blue I could determine the results.
Thirteen images from our members to tantalise the eyes so after due consideration, a tea break, a further review the results are in as follows;
1st Place – Peter Bindon
Liquid Blue – A simple, effective image which has been well thought out and executed by the author . The blue tones are well defined and overall this image is deserving of it’s selection in first place.
2nd Place – Sarah Bindon
Blue Hydrangea  – Again a simple image using good control of depth of field to bring attention to the flowerhead. Tonality is well controlled and results in a pleasing image by the author.
3rd Place – Peter Wells
Steel Stairs – A striking image which benefits from a distinctive shadow play from the stairs ascending the side of the tank. The author has most likely substituted the overriding blue colour tone of the image into what may have been a monochrome image. Nevertheless it has produced a quality image and well done.
Highly Commended – Nigel Hazell & Geoff Cross
Two images have vied for this honour in my opinion, namely;
Balcony Blues – A typical Mediterranean  balcony scene complete with birdcage ,air conditioner unit and the weeks washing. Good tonal range and interest in this image.
Modern Bluebeard Pirate – A humous image well executed. The reflections in the glasses are a little distracting and might have been toned down a little. A good capture by the author.
Of the reminder of the entries each had there own individual merit although in the overall review the placed images held the attention more.
So another good selection of images for judging and thanks to all who entered.

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