Bob Clayden – SPAM CAN CAM MAN extraordinaire!

(Thanks to Chris New for this report)

Quirky and Fascinating! That’s the conclusion we came to following Bob Clayton’s talk on his pinhole camera antics on Monday 21st March.

Bob is very definitely a specialist and an expert on the subject, providing workshops for adults and children in libraries and at community arts events up and down the country, showing how photographic images can be taken with pinhole cameras that can be as small as a recycled tin can or a shop’s upstairs  room with a tiny hole at the front.  The key to this is  that the paper negatives are exposed to light of course – and the exposure can range from 7 seconds for the small equipment to ten minutes for a 7’ x 9’ paper negative. Who needs a lens when you’ve got a hole backing onto a black box? Well, the image produced may not be as pin sharp as you like but the technical factors and the artistic interpretation are something else!

A Pontefract man, Bob is running a workshop at the Valley Gardens old aviary (which he hopes to eventually turn into a camera obscura) but on  Worldwide Pinhole Day on 24th April the old aviary will be turned into a pinhole camera and darkroom for the day.  If you are interested, get along there and enjoy! He is at 01977 791256 and the international event is on the web at pinhole

There are 130 countries participating in Worldwide Pinhole Day – so have a go and checkout what this quite amazing experience is all about!

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