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The theme for the October online competition was “Chimneys” and it seemed a fairly simple subject. However the changes in the industrial landscape made it a bit harder than expected. When I was out and about I kept an eye open for interesting chimneys but, blow me down, there weren’t any – probably  all blown up, or down. Even up in Aberdeen where I am now I still didn’t find any. This may have led to the low number of entries this month. Steve Womack judged the entries this month and he’s come up with his words of wisdom. Here they are

Well the white smoke is out of the Chimney and the judge has the results. A very difficult subject to do justice to due to the lack of suitable subject, their size and shape and accessibility to capture their features. The authors have done a splendid job and presented a varied take on the theme with a humorous slant in one instance. Selection of the places proved challenging but the first placed image was to my eye and opinion superb. So here we have the results with my observations, which I might add are my opinion and should you disagree then that is your prerogative of course.
1st Place : Fairbairns Chimney, Saltaire – Beautiful lines lead the viewer skywards along the height of the chimney. The author chose to place the horizontals on a downward slope and this really sets off the image. The monochrome tones have been handled well which complement the overall feel of the image.Well done and this image is placed 1st.
2nd Place : They Came Two by Two – This image again showed a well-chosen viewpoint to show off the double chimney style of the period. The overall colour balance was well handled and presented. The author on review could check the upright perspectives of the chimneys for true verticals as they lean ever so slightly to the left. Nevertheless I have chosen this image for 2nd Place
3rd Place: Salt Mills – A very striking image with detail right across the frame. However in my opinion the image has been over processed which has resulted in some artifacts just appearing along the chimney boundaries. A reduction in the scale of the processing I believe would have resulted in an improved image. However these minor points do not deflect the 3rd place awarded to this image.
Highly Commended: Yoo looking at me, Kid – This is a well-seen and humorous image. The author has captured the detail well although it would have been improved with a little upright perspective correction as the subject is leaning to the left.
Highly Commended : Puffing Billy – A well controlled monochrome image with detail throughout. The foreground is distracting with the horizontal wires, which separate the engine from the author’s viewpoint. These items whilst part of the scene just jangle enough to keep the viewers attention a little too long.
Commended: Mission Mill, Matlock – The mill and the chimney are well framed in this image. The predominant colours of the leaves are well handled, as Green can be very bold if not controlled correctly. It is unfortunate that the vapour trail adds an unwanted distraction into this image.
Italianate – This image is, I believe, of two of the three tower/chimneys of the Old Tower Works in Holbeck, Leeds. It is difficult to achieve a good viewpoint of this site and the author has done well to achieve the result we see. However I feel underwhelmed when viewing this, as I believe a better image was possibly missed.
Chimneys 2 – Coronation Street comes to WCC with this viewpoint chosen by the author of these terrace house chimney pots. The image seems to my opinion to be over saturated or has had some other processing done to it which has boosted the colours. The subjects might have been better presented if they had been made a little larger in the frame by having less foreground and background, in particular the windows at the top of the image.
Chimneys – The point of interest in this image is in the Left Hand side and maybe the author could have achieved a more pleasing image by using a Portrait aspect of this side. The chimney seems to have some odd artifacts to the RH side, which would need closer inspection by the author. Overall I believe a better presentation is hiding in this image it just needs the further work to bring it out.
Cromford Pump Station – Good viewpoint of the Pump house and Chimney. However strong side lighting from the LH has given rise to loss of detail in the shadow areas. Re-processing the image with attention to these areas will in my opinion result in an improved image.
Steamy Chimney – The image certainly does convey that feeling but is, as the previous image, let down by a lack of shadow detail particularly in the engine. The author’s viewpoint has the light coming from the RH side and whilst this is handled well a lift in the shadow areas would allow more impact to be made from this image.

The positioning of the comments after the commended images in no way reflects any other positioning, it is just the way the notes fell for typing up. I enjoyed reviewing the images from the members and trust that they too can relate to my comments.

Thanks Steve for those comprehensive comments. All that remains is for me to put names to the winners. In third place was Tony Hallam -Cutler with “Salt Mills”, in second was John Upson with “They Came Two by Two” but taking the top spot was Nigel Hazell with “Fairbairns Chimney, Saltaire”. Congratulations to them all. In the meantime have a look at the entries below, now with authors’ names  added, and pick your favourite smokestack. Next month, November, the subject is “Panoramas” – let’s just say it’s a very wide subject! As usual get your entries in by midnight on the 20th November via the Online Comp Entry page on the website. It’s easy so have a go.

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