Chim Chimeny Chim Chimeny time!

The theme for the October online competition was “Chimneys” and it seemed a fairly simple subject. However the changes in the industrial landscape made it a bit harder than expected. When I was out and about I kept an eye open for interesting chimneys but, blow me down, there weren’t any – probably ¬†all blown up, or down. Even up in Aberdeen where I am now I still didn’t find any. This may have led to the low number of entries this month, but here they all are. Steve Womack is our judge this month so he’ll be pondering and deciding. When the white smoke comes out from his chimney I’ll let you know his decision. In the meantime have a look at the entries below and pick your favourite smokestack. Next month, November, the subject is “Panoramas” – let’s just say it’s a very wide subject! As usual get your entries in by midnight on the 20th November via the Online Comp Entry page on the website. It’s easy so have a go.

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