Close Up

Close Up

Our judge from the February online competition has picked the ‘Close Up’ winners for March.

1st: Daddy Long Legs – Neil Clarke

An excellent close up shot with everything tack sharp and a totally unobtrusive background. The flower head is on the diagonal which is great and the colours are very true. A super shot, well done

2nd:Droplet Journey – Ian McMillen

Such a simple shot but so very effective. The positioning of the droplet is on the thirds and I was particularly impressed with how the author had thought “outside the box” and gave us something different and totally unexpected and restful to look at.

3rd:Snuggle – Nigel Hazell

A really lovely mono conversion here sticking to the theme without the use of any special lenses too. Just a shame that the ear has been “chopped off” but nevertheless a really effective shot. Spot on exposure and tack sharp where it need to be.

Highly Commended:Lynx Spider – Jeffrey Cummings

A good macro shot with amazing detail, especially on the legs, the twig coming up from the bottom was rather distracting and could have been cloned out.

Commended:Female Flower Of Goat Willow – Roger Gaynor

A very good close up of the flower with great detail and good lighting too. I think it could have be improved by a different background that is darker or in another colour palette, different to the main subject to give better separation.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who entered. The April competition closes on the 20th, the subject is Food & Drink. Good Luck!