Club Photographer of the Year – Round 2

Club Photographer of the Year – Round 2

With a Monochrome theme, Round 2 of our 4 part Club Photographer Competition, was always going to be strongly contested. Bill Johnson was our guest judge. Bill was a good choice as his background is very much steeped in the darkroom process and printing. This became clear from the outset, and it was very evident that he was looking for juicy blacks and punchy whites, to produce prints with a contrasty characteristic. Both the print and digital section were very well subscribed, with there being an encouraging increase in print entries. The prints were judged first, and Paul Wagstaff built on his success in Round 1 by taking the top slot with ‘You Talkin’ to Me!’. Peter Wells emerged as the victor in the digital section with ‘Lead Guitar’.


1st – Paul Wagstaff
2nd – Jeff Cummins
3rd= Derek Gardener
3rd= Steve Womack
3rd= Steve Wood
3rd= Sara Cremer


1st – Peter Wells
2nd – Peter Wells
3rd= Trevor Bottomley
3rd= Derek Gardener
3rd= Neil Clarke
3rd= Michelle Howell
3rd= Paul Wagstaff