Coastal Photography and Saltwick Bay

Coastal Photography and Saltwick Bay

This week members and guests were gathered with their wellies on for a wonderful trip along the coasts of Northumberland and Yorkshire with Alison Taylor from York. Alison first took us to Saltwick Bay then after a short break we travelled down from Bamburgh to Fraisthorpe.

For Saltwick Bay wellies are essential but so is a good dose of common sense to avoid getting trapped against the cliffs by the tide. To get the best pictures of the Black Nab you need to access the rock shelf which you can only do 2-hours either side of a 2 metre tide. Alison strongly recommends arriving as the tide goes out and leave long before it turns.

The cliffs are fractured shale which is held together by its own weight but is quite brittle and very unstable, climbing not recommend but taking abstract images is. Saltwick Bay has a long history of Alum mining and was the location where Whitby Jet was first discovered. The infinity pool provides the excellent opportunity for early morning golden glow images as does the rock shelf for some fantastic waterfall pictures. A quick online search reveals some excellent articles for those wanting to learn more about this fascinating area of the Yorkshire Coast.

On our trip from Bamburgh to Fraisthorpe we stopped frequently to witness the many of beaches and boulders on our travels south. This coastline is often so different depending on the weather, be it before or after a storm for the clouds, the wet boulders or the patterns left as the tide races out to only repeat the process just a few hours later.

Our evening finished with a look at Alison’s ARPS panel. She was deservedly awarded her ARPS in October 2020 with a panel which featured big skies, storm waves and coastal interaction. You can see a small example of Alison’s images below or visit her website. A really great evening of travel and story telling allowed us to believe we were right there with Alison as she skilfully negotiated the coastline to bring us this wonderful evening.