Colour is in short supply

It’s getting near the end of the month so it must be another online competition judging time. The subject for August was “Monochrome” and it gave everyone an opportunity to have a go at interpreting and conveying a subject in just (usually) black and white. When the main photographic medium was film most home printing was done in black and white – I know mine was. Nowadays with digital cameras and (relatively) cheap colour inkjet printers colour has become the norm so this was an opportunity to think differently. The  deadline of the 20th is now behind us and the job of judging the images this month goes to Neil Scarlett so it’s over to him to sort out which he thinks have used monochrome the best. His results and comments will be on here soon so keep a look out. All the entries are in the gallery below for you to look at. Next month the subject is “Clothing” (there’s a couple  of images this month that couldn’t qualify!). So get your thinking caps on – and maybe photograph them at the same time.

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