Competition Winners

There are many competitions organised each year and there are always winners. For each year the winning digital images and print images have been gathered together here and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate title in the table below. The clubman is run each year and consists of 5 rounds, each with a print and a projected image competition. Certain rounds have a theme but the rest are open i.e. photographs of any subject can be entered. All the other competitions are annual and are often seen as the culmination of a year’s work. Enjoy browsing through some of the splendid work produced by members of the club.

20212021 Annual Competitions
2021 Clubman Competition
2021 Online Competitions
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2020 Clubman Competitions
2020 Online Competitions
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2019 Clubmans Competition
2019 Online Competitions
20182018 Annual Competitions
2018 Clubman Competitions
2018 Online Competitions
20172017 Annual Competitions
2017 Clubmans Competitions
2017 Online Competitions
20162016 Annual Competitions
2016 Clubmans Competitions
2016 Online Competitions
Informal A4 and Digital Image Competition does not run this year.
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2015 Clubmans Competitions
2015 Online Competitions
2015 Informal A4 and Digital Image Competition
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