2014 Clubmans Competitions

Each year the Clubman Competition consists of 5 rounds, each with a print and a projected image competition. Certain rounds have a theme but the rest are open i.e. photographs of any subject can be entered. Below are galleries showing the first, second and third places in each section for all the rounds. All the points awarded for all the entries are totalled and a “league table” calculated. The top ten for 2014 are

1stDavid Kershaw
2ndPhil Gledhill
3rd (Joint)E David Jones
3rd (Joint)Steve Womack
5thPeter Wells
6thSally Sallett
7thJack Bunn
8thVera Jones
9thSteve A Wood
10thGeoffrey Cross

1st Clubman – General Record

2nd Clubman – Open

3rd Clubman – Fauna

4th Clubman – Open

5th Clubman – Holidays