Constitution & Rules

(Amended December 2019)

1.         The Club to be known as the Wakefield Camera Club.

2.         Aims of the Club. The objectives of the club are the furtherance of all branches of photography through lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, outings and competitions.

3.         Dissolution of the Club.

a)         The decision to wind up the club may only be taken when the funds of the Club are insufficient for the Club to run properly, and/or the membership has fallen to eight (8) or less, this decision can only be taken at an EGM or AGM. In the absence of a quorum at such a meeting, a motion signed by at least 50% of the surviving membership shall constitute agreement to wind up the club.

b)         After discharging all debts and liabilities of Wakefield Camera Club, the remaining assets are to be given or transferred to the Yorkshire Photographic Union.

4.         The Club Committee shall be elected annually and shall consist of: President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Life Members and any additional Officers or posts recommended by the outgoing committee. Committee members must be proposed by a member and seconded by another member. (See also rule 22).

5.         In the event of a position on the Committee becoming vacant during the year, the Committee may ask the membership to elect a replacement at any Club meeting. 

6.         The Annual General Meeting to be held on the Second Monday in December, or as soon after as can be arranged. There must be in attendance at least 20% of the members to form a quorum before the meeting can proceed. 

7.         A person is deemed a member of the Club upon payment of the fixed annual subscription for which a receipt will be given on request. Should a member become two months in arrears in payment then he or she will be regarded as a non-member and will have to re-apply for membership.

8.         Subscriptions are due annually on the first Monday in October each year. 

9.         Membership classifications to be as follows; –

  • Honorary Life Member, this to include free life membership to the member and his or her partner and also a vote on any committee they wished to attend.
  • Full Membership, this to include an adult and his or her partner.
  • Senior Membership, this to include an adult over the age of 60 and his or her partner.
  • Student Member, this to be a person in full time education.
  • Carers of members will not be charged an annual membership fee, or an entry fee, unless they personally wish to enter competitions.
  • Fees to be fixed annually at the AGM. 

10.       The Treasurer to maintain a record of members names and addresses.

11.       Meetings to normally be held on Monday evenings and to start at 7:30pm prompt unless otherwise agreed.

12.       The Committee to ensure that the Club is insured to cover accident liability.

13.       An Extra-ordinary general meeting shall be called by the Committee, if requested in writing to the Secretary by any six members of the Club. The meeting to take place within fourteen days of any such request.

14.       The Committee to meet at least once every three months.

15.       The Committee will publish a set of rules governing the running of club competitions. The Committee is empowered to interpret and amend these to solve specific events, but not permanently alter them.

16.       The Committee is empowered to interpret the Club Rules but not to alter or make new ones.

17.       Notices of motions affecting Club Rules shall be given to the Secretary and made available to members at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

18.       The Club Rules and Competition Rules shall be published on the Club Website. Hard copies of the Rules will be available for new and existing members, on request, from the Club Treasurer.

19.       Every member shall receive a copy of the Club syllabus as soon as they become available each year.

20.       The Committee will appoint member(s) to represent the Club at Y.P.U. meetings. The appointed member(s) will become full member(s) of the committee if they are not already elected member(s).

21.       The club’s financial year shall end on the 30th of September to ensure the accounts be audited in time for submission to the membership at the AGM. The auditor to be appointed by the membership at the AGM each year.

22.       A President will hold office for a two (2) year term and then will be required to step down. The Vice-President will automatically become President when the current President’s term of office comes to an end.